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The ActionCOACH Franchise is Ireland's largest Business Coaching Organisation and the World's number 1 Business Coaching Franchise. The demand for Business Coaching in Ireland is rapidly growing - there has never been a better time to become a Business Coach. About 40% of businesses have no experience of trading in a downturn. On-set of recession - Irish business owners are now seeking the professional help of a Business Coach in order to ensure their survival.

The Irish ActionCOACH Team is dramatically improving the performances of their Irish clients. What does it take to be an ActionCOACH Business Coach? Coaching Business Franchise Our coaches are selected based on their level of business experience/expertise - normally coming from senior/middle management roles.

Many of our coaches have advanced degrees. Our coaches are passionate about helping business owners thrive. Our vision is World Abundance through Business Re-education.

Are you ready to coach others to success?

1. Do you have at least 5 years business experience and the confidence, passion, and desire to help other business owners?

2. Do you have a proven track record in sales, marketing, management, consulting, or business ownership?

3. Are you contemplating leaving the corporate world to start your own business but would like the benefit of an Irish and worldwide team?

4. Do you have commitment to continual personal and professional development?

5. Do you want more out of life than a traditional career?

Did you know...?

The Coaching Business is the second fastest growing industry in the world - second only to Information Technology.

1 in every 12 Businesses is a Franchise

Without a Business Coach - 80% of new businesses will fail in their first 5 years.

The ActionCOACH's Franchise history in Ireland:

Paul Fagan - is one of the pioneers of Business Coaching & Franchising in Ireland having established ActionCOACH Business Coaching in 2002 as a very successful Irish Franchising Opportunity. ActionCOACH has a long term goal, that every business in Ireland should a Business Coach, just as they have an accountant and a solicitor. 

Remember Bill Gates once had a goal that there would be a computer on every desk in every business and home. This offers prospective Franchisees a unique Franchising Opportunity to start their Business Coaching Career. Our second goal is to help Irish SMEs grow into larger and more sustainable companies which will support local communities. The ActionCOACH Franchise in Ireland now has 30 franchisees nationwide offering coaching services to hundreds of clients.

Here is what some of the Irish ActionCOACH Business Coaches have to say:

Coaching Franchises in Ireland Michael Shinnick BComm ACMA - Platinum Mentor Coach 
I am an ActionCOACH Certified Business Coach since July 2005 and am enjoying running a very successful business.

I joined ActionCOACH after 12 years in banking and have never looked back. Being an accountant I did plenty of due diligence to get a feel for what I was letting myself in for!!! I can honestly say the system works. I have learnt an amazing amount and have had loads of support from the Master Franchise team here in Ireland and the coach community worldwide. It is a challenging business which has been extremely rewarding for me. 

Actioncoach Training Franchises  Jane Hogan  - Irish ActionCOACH
I joined ActionCOACH Business Coach Ireland 3 years ago.  I chose to run my own business because I want to balance a rewarding career with looking after my family.  I chose a franchise because I was prepared to invest in myself and my business to get access to world class training, tools and culture.  It's really important to me that my clients get fantastic value out of their investment in coaching, so I chose ActionCOACH's unique Irish Franchising opportunity for its wealth of intellectual property and systems. These enable me to help my clients consistently and measurably grow their businesses and achieve the results they seek.  As with setting up any new business on your own, it's been a rollercoaster. 

I never felt alone because of the fantastic support of the Team of Irish Business Coaches- the coach community is really strong.  We are really well supported by our Master Licensee and our Coach's Coach. Action's commitment to providing us with ongoing learning ensures that my skills are continually developing.  If you love helping other people achieve their goals, are prepared to work hard to build your business and are committed to ongoing personal development, ActionCOACH provides a fantastic opportunity. 

Irish Business Franchise      Billy Mahon - Irish ActionCOACH
A number of years ago while on a trip to New York I read an article on Business Coaching in the In-flight magazine.  By the time I had gotten to the end of the article I knew a Business Coaching career was for me. So I went in search of how I could set up my own Business Coaching company and during my early research stage I came across ActionCOACH Business Coaching.

ActionCOACH had the complete package, it had all the tools I needed to get up and running fast, from marketing tools, to sales tools to coaching tools and everything in between. If you are thinking of setting up as a certified business coach then ActionCOACH has everything you need. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Irish Business Franchises   Feargal Keane - Irish ActionCOACH
I have been an ActionCOACH Certified Business Coach and a member of the team of Irish Business Coaches for just over three years now.  Up to joining Action I was a corporate employee and so going into business on my own was, and continues to be, a big departure from my comfort zone. 

 I can honestly say that I simply could not have survived and thrived without the support from the Action Ireland team.  The support I get from the Master Franchisee office and the other Action coaches in Ireland and worldwide has played a critical part in helping me make the transition from employee to business owner, Salesperson and Coach.

Business Franchise Ireland Helen Burns - Irish ActionCOACH
I have been an ActionCOACH Certified Business Coach since June 2005, I have found the head office team and fellow Irish Business Coaches to be of great support to my business and me. It has been a fantastic experience filled with learning, fun, new friends, and of course the reward of working with great clients and seeing them getting great results. 

This unique Irish Franchising opportunity has enabled me to fulfil my dream of moving back to Kerry with my own business and getting the right work-life balance for me. What you see is what you get. If this is what you want - go for it! 

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