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"I have never groomed a pet in my life, and neither will any of our Multi-Unit Irish Franchisees!"
Ian Moses, CEO

Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise Opportunity, the world's leading pet grooming franchise offers a convenient, affordable, reliable and efficient service to pet owners in Ireland to maintain and achieve their pet's best well being. We use Irish Dog wash Pet Franchiseenvironmentally friendly products and bring a highly organised and professional approach to mobile grooming.

We pride ourselves on our innovative van design, heated hydrobath and our Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service which assures a complete and comfortable experience for each pet. The Aussie Pet Mobile franchise system was never designed to have franchisees work long hours seven days a week.

The design however is to give franchisees freedom and flexibility to operate their business with a hired manager. If being a part of a quality group of franchisees who enjoy their lifestyle and the freedom it affords them as well as controlling their own destiny interests you, then an Aussie Pet Mobile Irish franchise could be for you...

History of the Aussie Pet Mobile Opportunity:

The Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise was initially created in Australia and has rapidly expanded via franchising throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan and has now reached Ireland.Irish Dog Grooming Franchise Opportunity

Paul Fagan, already an accomplished franchisor, having been awarded the Service Franchise of the Year award 2005, wanted to bring a market leader to Ireland and represent the best in the field. He recognised Aussie Pet Mobile as the world's leading pet grooming franchise that has proven successful across several international markets and introduced the business to Ireland.

With a pet spending market worth €380 million and growing, Ireland presents an economic environment ripe for the Aussie Pet Mobile concept. Aussie Pet Mobile is a proven business model and combined with a high demand for quality grooming services in a cash rich, time poor society, this is an ideal opportunity for potential business owners.


  • Pro active Marketing Driven BusinessMobile Franchise Pet Grooming
  • No Stock/Inventory
  • No Debtors/Recivables
  • Normal Hours - 5 days a week
  • No Retail Real Estate Problems
  • Few Employess
  • High Repeat Business
  • No major competitors
  • Recession resistant Business
  • Highly Scalable (operate to the size of business you want)
  • Keep your present employment if you wish

Join us?

People are seeking out services that offer convenience and time saving. The pet industry in Ireland is a €380 million business - recession resistant and growing steadily.

Aussie Pet Mobile helps people attain the lifestyle they desire while allowing them to take control of their future both financially and personally. Through our unique franchise opportunity franchisees have the freedom to operate the size of business they choose through our many programs that will allow them to accomplish their individual goals and desires.

Key Features

  • Pet Grooming Franchise BusinessNo Retail Real Estate means quick start up!
  • National Call Centre operating 24/7 - 365 days a year - 1800 738 662
  • APM's turnkey operation includes great technology to help manage scheduling, routing and customer database
  • APM supports franchisees with great PR representation and a comprehensive menu of marketing options.
  • Franchisees employ a small team of highly motivated, trained employees - no exasperating high turnover, minimum wage workers
  • There are no national branded competitors - only fragmented operators (many of whom are booked solid!)
  • APM is growing worldwide
  • Aussie is the #1 franchise in its category and #90 in the top 500 franchises overall. (All figures verified in Entrepreneur Magazine, Jan 2005)

Mobile Units:

Features ensure safe and efficient maneuvering of the pet mobile from appointment to appointment. New AUSSIE PET MOBILE Franchisees receive their pet mobile fully equipped with a hydraulic grooming table, a complete set of dryers and other tools & products to launch them into business including our proprietary heated hydrobath.

Awards:Aussie Pet Grooming Franchise

Who can become Aussie Pet Mobile Franchisee:

  • Professional Manager/Business Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Highly Motivated
  • Can Do Attitude
  • Want to be in control of your Future

To Sign Up:

You think you have what it takes to and are interested in learning more please complete the brief application and an information package will be sent to you. After receiving your information pack you will be contacted by our franchise consultant to answer any questions you might have regarding Aussie Pet Mobile.

If after completing these preliminary steps you find our opportunity compelling for you to explore further you will complete a more detailed application form regarding type of program you are interested in and the specific area you are looking at for your business. We will then schedule a day for you to come to our head office in Howth, Co. Dublin to explore the complete Aussie Pet Mobile operation. Assuming that we approve you and that you like us, an offer to award a franchise will be made.

For further information, please fill in the form below. 

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