Snack in the box vending Franchise Opportunity
Snack in the Box Vending Franchise Opportunities  

Vending franchises

The Snack-in-the-Box Vending Franchises are renowned for their professional national snack delivery service to the busy working environment.

Specialising in providing vending solutions to small/medium size businesses that previously haven't qualified for vending.

Snack-in-the-Box Franchise offers two franchise opportunities in Ireland:

  • The Self Service Box
  • The Vending Opportunity

"DELIVERING SNACKS TO THE WORKPLACE"  N.Ireland. / OPTION 1 - The Self Service Box  


More than a decade old, the Snack-in-the-Box (SITB) vending franchise in association with Cadbury has become renowned for its national snack delivery service to 1000s of smaller workplace sites. 

Irish Franchisees will look after work place sites with between 2-20 staff such as factories, offices, nursing homes, hospitals, Vending Machine Franchisegarages, banks, school staff rooms, industrial units, colleges and shops in their areas.

The Franchisee delivers self-service snack boxes containing a 50+ range of snacks and drinks. The staff choose their selections and put the money in the box. The franchisee collects the takings and delivers a freshly packed box each week, often customising the selection within each site to suit individual needs.

The Francise Package - Option 1

       A simple proven formula

  • Yur first 150 customers
  • 265 pre-packed boxes and stockCadbury Corporate Image
  • Comprehensive Training Programme
  • Weekly, Repeat, Cash Business
  • Guaranteed income in Month 1
  • Corporate Clothing
  • Vehicle racking and livery
  • On-going support services
  • Stationary pack
  • PDA + Software

OPTION 2 - Compact Vending Solutions

Following the success of the Self Service Box franchising system, Snack-in-the-Box in association with Cadbury, has introduced Compact Vending Franchise OpportunityVending Solutions for the medium sized workplace. Since its initial launch in October 2000, they have over 5,000 machines currently operating in the UK and are now looking for franchise partners in the Irish market.

This range of Compact Vending machines has been designed for the niche market of businesses with staff levels of 25-75.

The Franchisee places the machines into business sites at no cost to the employer. With no contracts to sign or ongoing Vending Business Opportunity Franchisemaintenance costs to pay it’s easy for the employer to say "yes". They simply pay for what they eat it couldn’t be easier! 

Vending confectionery, savoury snacks and soft drinks under the CADBURY corporate image makes this range a real winner. Its unique design means that it can fit neatly into almost any workplace.

Individual Franchise Packages are available to include an agreed combination of machines from the complete range.

The Franchise Package

A Typical Starter Package could include:

  • 75 battery powered machines
  • Vehicle livery and racking
  • 1 weeks Head Office training
  • 4 weeks on-site launch programme
  • Minimum of 50 machines sited by Snack-in-the-Box
  • On-going support services
  • Weekly, Repeat, Cash Business


                                          Only 3 territories left in Ireland:

                                                     1. Galway / Sligo
                                                     2. Derry / Colerain
                                                     3. Dublin Central

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