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Turn Your Business into a National Brand Just 12 Months (then go international after that...)


If you have a successful business, we can work with you to quickly develop a national franchise brand. Just picture your transformation from a small or medium (SME) business owner, to the managing director of a national brand.


Here at International Franchise Management Consultants (IFMC), we specialise in working with successful SMEs to design and implement tailored franchise solutions which enable businesses to rapidly grow. If you have a profitable business that can be replicated and taught to others, you are sitting on a potential franchise goldmine and IFMC can unlock this potential for you.

Why Franchise?

For SMEs, franchising provides the perfect solution for rapid growth, as franchisees cover the cost of the required investment. This rapid growth is sustainable because franchisees do not require the level of management supervision and structure that paid employee's need. So provided your franchise system is well thought out and designed at the beginning nothing need stop you growing. Working with IFMC will ensure your franchise system is well designed for rapid growth.

What Makes IFMC Different?

Tailored .... We specialise in helping the SME Business Sector grow through franchising. If you have a profitable existing business, or are developing a fresh concept, we can work with you. Each of our clients has a solution designed for their business, which is unique to that particular client business, to ensure franchise success.


Affordable.... Our unique partnership approach makes it possible for SMEs to franchise their business by minimising the up front investment required.


Committed... Because a large portion of our fees are based on growing your franchise network our success is directly linked to your success.


Experienced... Our team of franchise experts represents one of the largest franchise consultancy practices in the UK and Ireland (We have consultants through out Ireland, and our head office is in Dublin). Most importantly our clients have access to a complete range of business skills to advise on all franchise project requirements - be it marketing, finance, recruitment, legal, project management, strategic planning, IT systems etc. IFMC provide a complete business team to any SME business franchise...


The Most Cost Efficient Way to Franchise

Because we specialise in working with SMEs, we know what works and what does not. We also recognise that each and every business and its owners are unique. Therefore we can provide either traditional fixed cost, time based consultancy or a long term success based partnership approach - which ever is "right" for you and your business.


So, Are You Really Interested in Franchising Your Business...?

If you are serious about growing your business, then you really need to talk to us. We offer a free initial consultation - yes, it really is free; no catches! We just provide an honest appraisal of your businesses franchise potential. So you have no risk and so much to gain. If you really want to grow through franchising fill in the contact us form and speak to the experts in SME business franchising Now.

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